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Tax-Print 1099 and W2 software will print to the include pre-printed forms, or it will print both forms to plain paper.

Once you have completed the purchase you will receive your Activation Key immediately if purchasing a Plain Paper, with a follow-up e-mail that also contains your key. Or, you will receive a receipt and your forms will be mailed via US Post.


2022 Tax-Print Software

Software Only

The Tax-Print Software will print both plain paper forms for the 1099-Misc, NEC, Int and W2, many with instructions. It supports all the forms you need to send to your recipients and print the IRS or SSA filing copy, all to plain paper. It even support color prints, so you can print the "Red" IRS form. This is a great choice for the business that needs both forms, or just wants the flexibility and simplicity to print your forms immediately.

Buy Tax-Print Software with no forms ($75)


Software and Forms

Plus, we offer an additional package that includes pre-printed forms for 1099-Misc, 1099-NEC or W2. The package includes 12 "Red" Copy A forms, and 2 "Red" Summary forms. There even an option for both Misc and NEC forms, where you'll get 4 Copy A forms for 1099-Misc, 4 Copy A forms for 1099-NEC.

This is a perfect combination for any small business. Use the plain paper printing ability to print professional looking forms to mail to your employee, then print to the pre-printed "Red" forms for filing with the IRS or SSA.

Buy Tax-Print Software with forms: ($85 + Shipping):


Forms and Envelopes

Additional Pre-Printed Forms

If you need more forms to complete your 1099 or W2 filing, you can purchase packs of 50, 20 or single sheets. These are listed per form and all the 1099's and W2 will have two forms per sheet. The Summary forms are a single forms per sheet. Each pack of 20 or 50 includes 2 free summary forms.

Buy 10 RED 1099-Misc Copy A, 1099-NEC Copy A, 1099-Int or W2 Copy Forms ($10*):


Buy 2 RED 1096 or W3 Summary Single Sheets ($1*):



Each pack of envelopes contains Double Windowed 1099 or W2 Envelopes. These envelopes work with both our pre-printed forms and plain paper standard forms. These are either gum (the ones that you lick) or self seal envelopes, and include the wording "IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED" Printed on the front.

Buy 10 1099 or W2 Gum type Envelopes: ($14*):


Buy 10 1099 or W2 Self Seal Envelopes ($16*):

* There is a Shipping & Handling Charge of $5.99 per order.

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