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Tax-Print 2013 is a free 1099-Misc and W2 software package that will print 1099-Misc and W2 data to pre-printed forms or to plain paper with the purchase of Pre-Printed Forms Package.

Import Data

Tax-Print supports importing data from external sources such as Excel or a comma delimited data, or thought direct entry of data by the user.

Pre-Printed Form Printing

There is no cost to download and use the software on pre-printed forms. These forms can be obtained from the IRS or SSA at no cost. These free forms are multi-page forms that will need to be separated before printing, and feed through your print one at a time. For small runs, they work fine, and the price is right.

If you are doing a larger batch of 1099/W2's, or don't want to put up with the hassle of separating, and feeding sheets by hand, we have a solution.

Single sheet pre-printed 1099-Misc and W2 Copy A forms. These are professionally printed pages that feed through your printer just like standard paper. Tax-Print will print only the data to these forms. Pre-printed forms are perfect for hand delivery to your employees, or including in their pay check. If you are mailing them, they may require special envelopes, or the use of mailing labels.

Plain Paper Printing

With Tax-Print you have the ability to purchase a plain paper printing bundles for instant printing of IRS and SSA compatible forms and instructions directly to your printer.

Plain paper print eliminates the need to purchase special forms saving you both time and money.

Exclusive to our plain paper print bundle is the ability to print Copy B Mailers, these are specially formed forms and instruction that fold and fit into a #10 windowed envelope. This eliminate the need to purchase special envelopes for your 1099 and W2 mailings.

Search and Quick Find

This exclusive features tracks the progress of your forms, moving them from new to printed, then on to filed as you progress through you 1099 and W2 processing.


Tax-Print automatically imports last years data, making the current filing year even easier.


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Tax-Print Intro

Introduction Demo

Supported Forms


  • Pre-Printed - Copies A, B, C, 1, 2 and the 1096 summary form.
  • Plain Paper Black - Copies A, B, C, 1, 2, 1096 summary form.
  • Plain Paper Red - Copy A and the 1096 summary form.
  • Plain Paper Instructions - Copies B and C.
  • Plain Paper Mailer - Copy B with Instructions, C with Instructions, Copies 1 and 2
  • W2

  • Pre-Printed Copies A, B, C, D, 1, 2 and the W3 summary form.
  • Plain Paper Black - Copies A, B, C, D, 1, 2 and W3.
  • Plain Paper Red - Copy A and W3.
  • Plain Paper Mailer - Copy B with instructions, Copy C with instruction, Copy 1 with instructions.